I didn’t work today at all. I woke, exercised, had a delicious breakfast of scrambled egg, fruit, croissant, and a bit of pomegranate juice, and dressed. At that point, I recognized that my pants were literally falling off — I noticed that in class yesterday, too, as I hitched them up and just hoped they wouldn’t actually slide down while I was teaching — and hunted out a smaller pair.

The smaller size is now quite comfortable, with two fingers of room at the waist.

I scrubbed the bathrooms and dusted the living room and tidied the kitchen and started a load of laundry. Then I headed out to do my errands. I bought Wallflowers (those scented thing you plug in and they have a night light on them) at the mall, then some more cable needles at Hancock’s, then a modest selection of plants at the nursery plus a couple of packets of nasturtium seeds, since it may be too late for anything else, and then some perishables at the grocery.

Everywhere I went I tried to make the day a little brighter for everyone I spoke with, and I made it through my entire list.

I came home, put away the groceries, implemented the Wallflowers, planted the nasturtiums and got the plants settled in on the porch for a bit before the shock of transplant, rearranged the deck chairs and potted plants on the patio, and disassembled the shabby old desk in the sewing studio and set it outside. I enjoyed the perfect weather out on the patio for a bit, reveling in the breeze ruffling the leaves above my head and the lilies surrounding me.

Then I settled in with Rosemary and Thyme on Netflix and got on with the sleeves to #1 son’s sweater.

I talked with my husband when he got home, but he wants to watch boxing, which disgusts me, so I have now moved into the bedroom to continue the sleeves.

A nice, ordinary day.