We had a couple of days of conference and networking. I felt that we learned things, had some inspiration, and made some nice connections. #1 daughter was not so sure. Her reaction to the financial operations session was to question whether it was actually worth it to own a company.

I get that. The very thought of payroll taxes makes me think that freelancing was good. However, the accountant was quite positive about our whole contractors and oDesk arrangement, which I know #1 daughter has questioned.

We got back from that to a whole lot of catch up, of course. One of the organizers said, “I don’t see how so much work has been generated for me when we’re all in the same room.” We have clients, though, and so it is not surprising that there were lots of needs and issues, not to mention lots of apologizing to do.

We mopped it all up pretty expeditiously, suggesting to me that a little pressure is not a bad thing. The need to apologize was not so good.

I had breakfast with my dad anyway. It’s easy for me to feel as though I can’t take any time away from work when I’m busy, but that isn’t really true.

With things mostly under control, I went to choir practice, where we pretty well butchered “What Sweeter Music” but did fairly well on the other stuff. Then one of the basses and I went on to practice a piece we’re doing on Sunday morning. He has a cozy little house up the hill from me, with a grand piano in the center of it, and we had hot cider and worked on the song at the top of this post, which I must learn by Sunday though I first heard it about 12 hours ago.

Other things between now and the end of the week:

  • Amazon Vine day today
  • Baking something for tomorrow’s staff meeting
  • Class
  • Tomorrow’s staff meeting
  • Finishing up a project so we can get it to the artist
  • A play with La Bella