Miss B’s service was very nice. The number of people who spoke about how much they loved her should have been touching for the family. I could have done the same, but I was trying very hard not to cry excessively.

I probably failed at that, because I am a cryer, but I was able to sing and did not make a scene in the choir.

That Man and the Empress came, and it was very nice to see them.

Miss B had a more exciting life than I had realized, and it is a little sad that after knowing her for more than 20 years I never learned those things about her early life. In the time that I knew her, though, she retired from nursing and devoted her time to good works and crafts.

She made a bigger difference in more people’s lives than your average politician, just by inviting people to tea parties and extending sincere kindness to everyone she met. She shared her skills and, as many people said in the service, allowed the light of the Holy Spirit to shine through her.

It was a lovely service. It was also a good reminder that seemingly ordinary people leading quiet lives can actually have a strong effect in the world.