It’s a glorious day out there today, after months during which we just had to stay indoors with the air conditioning on. I intend to go out there and read in moments.

I have free Kindle books.

Did you know there were free Kindle books? I remember hearing that, back in the mists of time when I got my Kindle, but it turned out that they were generally things like The Mill on the Floss and amateur bodice rippers, so I quit paying attention. I get plenty of free books for review, and I don’t mind paying for the books I read for pleasure.

However, one of my gigs involves reading romance novels (yeah, I have a great job), and I got word that one such novel was free on Kindle just for a day. I moseyed over to Amazon where I figured I’d find it quickly by searching for “free Kindle books” in the Kindle store. Not only did I find the one I was looking for, but I also found a new-to-me book by Gemma Halliday and a bunch of other intriguing titles. I now have a Kindle full of free stuff.

It’s appropriate for today, because I am going to the PerfectLip party. This is a blogger party at my town’s most charming ladies-who-lunch spot, where we will try out a new lip product. We’ve been told there will be swag bags, and we also have free tickets to see Stomp.

Sounds like fun, eh?

I was up at 5:00 this morning working and I fully intend to do laundry, clean the living room (last day of Living Room Week at HGP), and do the grocery shopping, so I don’t feel at all bad about this sybaritic afternoon and evening I have planned. However, I do intend to spend some time on my steamer chair with the aforementioned fully-loaded Kindle.