I’ve gained enough to be back at a healthy weight. In the doctor’s office yesterday, I was at 114, which is good. At home, it’s 111, but I’m still okay with that.

My kidney function is still poor and I will have to see a nephrologist and have ultrasound.It is not clear that there is anything at all that can be done about the condition. I guess I’ll learn whether I have to have dialysis or something. The damage, however, is done. Untreated diabetes, over a period of years, leads to kidney damage. Even though I had not idea and still don’t have any symptoms, this is a consequence of my not visiting a doctor for several decades.

My A1C is good, though: 6.0. And I am at a healthy weight.

This means that I now have to make sure not to continue gaining weight. I think maybe I have to give up sandwiches (after I finish the ingredients with a last sandwich lunch today, natch). No more snacks. And maybe also no further experimentation with keto sweets.

Back to the no-decision breakfast and lunch, plus a mindful dinner using the plate method. No snacks, probably, although I do get hungry mid-afternoon. I might try a small amount of trail mix at 4:00. I’d rather have tea and cake, but I think that’s not a possibility.

The post-intervention questionnaire from the diabetes education study asked whether the effect of diabetes on my health had been positive or negative. Obviously, it’s negative. On the other hand, I had definitely been struggling with my healthy habits during the pandemic, and the diagnosis definitely got me back into better eat/ sleep/ move routines.

Apart from the damage that has already been done, I might be better off than I would have been without the diagnosis.

The picture at the top of this post shows my new cookbook — The Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook — and Gastro Obscura, the new book from the Atlas Obscura folks. It’s not a cookbook, but it is a wonderful book about food.