Louise Crowther’s Charlotte the Fox has a nice white tummy and a red bottom (Coral is the actual color way) with a pretty spiral increase. The purl patches in between show where to sew on the legs.

The red is carried along the back of the white section, giving the white a bit of a rough texture which adds to the rustic naturalness of the thing. The body is in one piece, which will be sewn up the back when it’s complete.

The head and tail are already made, so it’s just the limbs now.

We had a good sales meeting yesterday and a good interview at the church )I’m on the hiring committee) today. Tomorrow I hope to have an intensive writing day.

I baked a pineapple upside down cake to use up the pineapple left over from baking for #1 daughter’s freezer. She’s in week 36 and having to cope with a lot of stress. I’m taking the Baby for her this weekend so she can get things ready, and trying to help get things ready, too.

So why am I knitting a toy instead of sewing baby gear?

Actually, the Baby has a wardrobe like a little princess, and the New Baby will have all those hand me downs to wear, so I might just as well finish up the toy.