I sat down and knitted for some time, my usual resource under discouraging circumstances… This has resulted in my having a knitting class, with the woman, her daughter, and a woman from the camp, as pupils.

This is a passage from A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains, a wonderful book I bought in Colorado a couple of years ago. The writer of this collection of letters wrote marvelous descriptions of her adventures and the scenery she encountered crossing the Rockies in 1873. It’s an inspiring book, and I love the fact that, in the midst of life or death experiences, Isabella Bird cheered herself up with a shell pattern counterpane. The pattern below is about the right time depth.

I told #1 daughter about Isabella Bird over breakfast. I usually have Quiche Loraine and fruit at the restaurant we went to. Today, observing my staycation by changing my habits, I had Florentine Eggs Benedict and a class of grapefruit juice.

#1 daughter suggested that my unusual order was as adventuresome for me as working as a ranch hand was for Isabella Bird. I don’t think this was an insult.

We went on to the Fresh Market, where I bought a quantity of tasty things intended to limit my cooking during my staycation.

For example, my Day 1 lunch, with a spinach croissant, fresh fruit and veg, and a Lemon White Chocolate Mousse Cake.

Closer look.

To continue the adventuresome difference of my day, I started over on the Leaves and Flowers shawl. I had to start over three times, and had trouble with the charts. I think I have the swing of it now, though. I don’t really understand the chart or the pattern, though. I don’t know how I’ll know when it’s finished.

The yarn is Luminance, colorway Charity, on #3 needles.

This is the self-indulgent resting stage of the vacation. I actually have some work to do. I’ll probably work tomorrow.

Today I am doing exactly what I want to do at every moment. The day will end with reading in bed. Sparkling water and my Liberty lawn nightgown will be involved.