I finally earned a mount at Habitica, a gamified habit app I use for work and health.

I’m also in the Knitting Guild, where we’re having a three month Cold Sheep. One of the tasks is “Inventory and Organize Your Stash.” I’m a little stuck on this. I never used to have a stash. I’d just buy the yarn for each project as I came up to it, knit up the project, and move on to the next.

But we’re supposed to inventory and organize all our yarn and connect it with planned projects.

I have a sweater’s worth of Colorado wool from Lambspun in Ft. Collins. I bought this to make a Chimera cardi.

img_3254 I also have a sweater’s worth of a lavender/gray tweedy wool, which could be good for the Japanese lace sweater from Refined Knits.


The same Knitpicks wool in a very nice green. I think this will make a nice Coin Cable Cardigan.


I also have a sweater’s worth of marsala wool. Too dark for cables, so I’m watching for the just-right pattern. But then there’s the rustic cotton here and the dark teal wool and a bunch of sock yarn and that lovely coppery yarn.


Some bright-colored silk.


Hand-dyed yarn bought in Crested Butte last year.


Laceweight — enough for a couple of shawls. I’m not STABLE (stash beyond life expectancy), but I may have too much to inventory, organize, and commit to future projects.