A normal day doesn’t really seem like much of a goal, but for much of my life it has been rare enough that it’s a real pleasure to be able to announce one.

I woke naturally at 5:50, nearly eight hours after I had gone to sleep. I had been awakened a couple of times — once by a dream of people populating spreadsheets and my firm instruction to myself to stop dreaming about work, and once by my husband getting up to go to work at the usual ungodly hour.

I did a Daily Burn workout, had a nice balanced breakfast and a good strong cup of tea, dressed properly, and got to work around 7:30. I then worked till past 1:00 with some brief conversations with family and colleagues, broke for lunch, and got back to work, completing everything on my list just as 6:00 arrived. I refocused my eyes sufficiently and didn’t get too carried away with caffeine or sugar (admittedly, I had some chocolate — which I do have to review).

I stopped work, had a nice balanced dinner and some desultory conversation with my husband, scratched the dog behind the ear, and spent some time on the porch reading a novel which I am not required to review. I then did some laundry, made up the bed in fresh sheets, showered, took proper care of my face (sunburned from Saturday), and am about to tuck myself up in bed with my book.

A lovely spring day, with rain and sunshine in perfect proportions, birdsong, sweet scents, and blossoming trees. Can’t beat it.