I’m making some progress with my Spring DYW Capsule. I made the capris and love them. I also have completed one of my knit tops. However, I have gotten slightly derailed by the Secret PJs Club at the HotPatterns Facebook group. The rule there is that this is pants week and next week is Knit Tops week. Also that our clothes must look respectable for our Zoom meetings but be comfy enough to nap in (that’s the secret PJs part).

Obviously, I have completely given up on hair and make up, but this is a pretty top, isn’t it? It’s HotPatterns ShirtTail T.

However, it is still pants week. We are supposed to make two pairs and I have made just one. No skirts. If I can find a stretchy bottom-weight fabric in my stash I might make a second pair this weekend. Or I could make a smaller pair of the Marrakesh pants from the pair I found in a drawer.

Why? I don’t really need more pants. But I like rules. It makes a game out of whatever it is that I’m following the rules for. So when I make clothes for myself, I like to use the Pantone palette of the season, and the capsule rules… and why not the Secret PJ Club rules as well? The various rules may conflict a little, but they all add to the gamification. An injection of randomness…