"Today I brew, tomorrow I bake, the next day the queen's child I'll take,  For little deems my royal dame that Rumpelstiltskin is my name!"

A schedule is a basic tool and has been since at least the time of Rumpelstiltskin, when he made sure to get this baking and brewing done before going to snatch away the queen's child.

#1 daughter warns me not to use schedules. She thinks a schedule just stresses me out.

But there are elements of my life that are scheduled already. Sunday is church and Sunday School and Virtual Book Club. Monday is the start of the work week, laundry day, fresh sheets, and Master Chorale. Tuesday is bathroom cleaning day, plus a monthly Meet Up. Wednesday is choir. Thursday is blog checking day and kitchen deep cleaning. Friday is team meeting and a free evening. Saturday is sourdough starter feeding day and therefore baking day.

So maybe adding genealogy time for Thursday makes sense. Maybe there should be a day for working on the company's online visibility. Perhaps I should have a day of the week for sewing or face masks or mani-pedi time.

As I contemplate this idea, I am enjoying the second phase of my stash organization.

I added another shelf to my tower. However, my husabdn warned me that it isn't very sturdy. So I put only yarn above it, in fabric bins to make everything very tidy.

Each bin has a single color group of yarn, and there is room in some of them for more yarn.

The bins at the bottom of the big black shelving stack still hold the full sweaters' worth of yarn, and the new shelf has some knitting books plus WIPS.

The bins under the window seat now contain all knitting books.

Predictably, I now feel that I need to organize my fabric stash and the sewing side of the room, but I am definitely enjoying the knitting section.

We had Sunday lunch with the family today — seven of us, counting three children.

Scalloped potatoes with ham, green salad, home baked bread, and brownies.

I proposed that we always have Sunday lunch together, but that didn't work out for the kids.

I might be able to manage a proper Sunday lunch with my husband. Or ev en by myself, though that kind of contradicts the point of Sunday lunch.

Still, it was a pleasure. Now I must finish the reading assignment for the virtual family book club. A nice way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.