dogs We learned today that Fiona has a cancerous tumor on her foot. I think we stared blankly at the vet. True, she is as old as dogs of her breed usually get, but just last week she ran off. She loved going on walks and looked very goofy when she was asking for belly pets.

This morning she got up and walked on three feet. We took her to the vet expecting to hear that she had hurt her foot and gotten an infection.

Instead we learned that she has cancer. There is a treatment, but it costs $300 a month. It’s a choice between her medicine and #1 son’s tuition. We haven’t decided not to do it… but I remember when my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. She refused treatment, because she knew how she felt and how she would feel if it went on any longer.

Fiona can’t tell us how she feels. We don’t want her to suffer just to satisfy our sentimentality. It might be that the right thing to do for her would be to put her to sleep before she gets sick.

I don’t know. I wish we didn’t have to make the decision.