#2 daughter and her beau are leaving early tomorrow morning, so this is my last day of holiday revelry. This is also a day for baking and cleaning and thinking about the new year, since they will be up at #1 daughter's for much of the day.

#1 daughter has a really pretty tree.

With my committee working days behind me, I plan to take on a couple of other journeys for 2018. Neither is new, but I want to make some real progress in the coming year on a couple of avocations.

First, I'll work through The Knitter's Life List. This book has 11 chapters filled with assignments, ready to check off. You can see one page above. I can check off lots of stuff already, and I think that working on more of the items will, as the book says, lead to my "becoming a well-rounded knitter." I was thinking I'd do one a month, from start to finish. I don't think that will work well after all. Maybe each month can include one assignment from each chapter.

Organizing the stash and knitting tools is in chapter 10. Chapter 1 starts with fiber festivals and trips to knitting nations, neither of which I'll do in January. I could randomly choose assignments, doing one and then going on to another… but would that be different from my regular knitting? Would it cause me to become a more expert knitter?

I'll be figuring that out.

I'm also getting back to my work on family history. Between the DNA test and my 6 months' subscription to Ancestry.com, I should be able to learn more about my family tree and the lives of the people on it.

I plan to write about that here. Throwback Thursday can be a weekly exploration of one of the people hanging around on my tree.

Meanwhile, I'll continue with book club, choir, friendships, travel, sewing, baking, gardening, reading, learning, and doing satisfying work.

Sounds like a good year to me.