I’ve started making the Horseshoe Hat with the handspun silk/angora yarn I bought at the farmers market a couple of weeks ago.

This is a working weekend, but I have coffee with Janalisa planned, plus some housework, and maybe I’ll fit in a walk. I have a bunch of projects, including things I’m in the middle of, things I’m planning, and things I’m just thinking about.

I’m not sure what the classification is for the little settee below.


I draped a small quilt over the shabby upholstery and mounded it with pillows, but I’d like to reupholster it with the roses print you can see on the cushion above. I don’t want to take it apart and do it properly because it’s quite old and for all I know might be valuable.

Other projects:

  • the slip project
  • a dress which is about half finished
  • the Fall SWAP I’ve been planning
  • 3 quilts which have been pieced and need to be quilted
  • 2 quilts for which I have the fabric and which need to be pieced
  • a T shirt quilt for #2 son
  • a smocked cushion
  • an appliqued mantel runner for the bookcase in the living room
  • a table runner for Christmas

Unlike the work projects of which I currently have way too many, craft and sewing projects can be seen as wealth — I will not run out of creative fun. They’re waiting for me, if and when I have time to do them. I’ve logged 66 hours so far this week, so having the time may not happen soon.

I’ve had four yellow days, which means 5,000-6,500 steps, and that’s not too bad. No orange or green days, though, and two turquoise days. August is always a chaotic month, though, and I might as well embrace that. School starts on the 25th and the HGP on the 31st, so my goal is to get us all caught up by then.

Anything else that gets done is lagniappe.