I spent the weekend alternately sleeping under the influence of NyQuil and reading Caliban’s War.

Sleeping as much as possible was my goal, and I did pretty well with that. When I was awake, I went for maximum comfort, as though I were on vacation in the snow in a cabin or something.

Except I felt dreadful.

I didn’t have the energy to knit, and cooking proper meals was too much work. I lived on oatmeal, mostly.

I did get up and clean the kitchen last night so that I would;ldn’t be face with further squalor. I brought out the vacuum and my husband vacuumed the floors. He also did laundry and took out the trash.

I just slept. When I woke, I made myself some tea and read until I got back to sleep.

So I really got nothing done at all over the weekend. I didn’t get much done apart from work last week, either. And the work I got done was just the essential stuff.

But I am a little better today. I’m going to get back to work. I hope I am on the mend.