Trying again… It’s six weeks in, and I haven’t used it much, but I’m trying again. I’m following my rules for meals, I’m back on track for exercise, but I think I need to pull up my socks when it comes to snacking.

When I track accurately, I can see that I’m having enough sort-of-healthy and not-healthy-at-all snacks that my system can rely on cheap carb energy throughout the day. It doesn’t have to make the effort to convert fat to energy, because it know there’ll be a fruit and nut bar or a cookie or some fruit and yogurt along in a couple of hours.

That’s not even counting ice cream and apple fritters, both of which I’ve eaten in the past week.

It may be easier to give up snacks entirely, or to return to a stricter Evil 6 abstention, than to try to be moderate. Because actually I’m pretty moderate. I’m capable of mindlessly consuming a bag of M&Ms while working intensely, but I don’t keep those things in the house. It’s easy for me to grab a Brookside bar with my afternoon tea, though, and I always like a little something sweet after a meal.

My disciplined meals and movement are probably the only reason I haven’t gained weight this year. If I can manage to be disciplined about snacks as well, I can probably meet my fitness goals for this year.