I think that one reason for my long weight-loss plateau has been a lack of accountability about the food I’m eating. During the Whole30, there was no need to keep track because it was — for me, at least — and all-or-nothing thing. Once the Whole30 ended, I tried to go back to my handy Ignite App. Take a picture of the meal or snack, mark any of the Evil 6 they include, and that’s it. It’s easy to keep track of the Evil 6 and easy to look back and see the cause of any slippage.


There’s definitely plenty of room for human error, and I have had spells of getting out of the habit of using Ignite… or using it only for healthy meals and not for less-healthy snacks. But overall it has worked well for me.

But the Ignite app is no more. I have not had success in the past with more complicated food journaling apps or methods. I think Ignite worked for me because it was so simple — no need to look things up or calculate things. So I’m looking for an alternative.

I downloaded a couple to try out and I’ll come back here and write about them.