I continue to enjoy my Happy Planner, and today I added the Home Planner — or tried to.

Like the Happy Planner, the Home Planner version is disc bound and has charming dividers for its sections, namely To-do, Meal Planner, House Cleaning, and Budget.


I tucked the Budget section into the back of my planner.


This is necessary because each month’s budget pages are a two-page spread, with the next month beginning on the back of the second page.


As you can see, they don’t fit smoothly and they don’t lie flat. This means that its hard to add all the sections to the book, even though I removed enough months at the front that I theoretically should be able to do so — I took out about 50 sheets, I suppose, and the Home Planner has about the same number.

There are expander rings available, but I don’t actually have any.


Accordingly, I added a Weekly Cleaning Schedule page into the middle of a week. I could do the same for the Menu Planning sheets.

I will mess around with it and see what works. I’d like to live more graciously than I do, and less in overworked squalor. This seems as though it might lead to that outcome.