Having frogged Adiri back to the ribbing and restarted, I have now established the pattern correctly and should be able to knit without excessive thought while traveling next week.

I must now pack my knitting bag to accommodate all required knitting, e-reading devices, multiple chargers, a physical book or two in case, teabags, travel snacks (preferably without the evil six), all needed tools and patterns, and perhaps a toothbrush and change of underwear in case I get separated from my actual luggage.

I usually travel without actual luggage. #1 daughter gave me a lovely Burberry wheelie suitcase which she thinks for some reason is what I should use for travel, instead of the ancient gym duffle I normally take. #1 son gave my husband a really attractive travel bag, too. We will be able to alight from the Greyhound at the Red Lion Inn looking like a couple of nice, respectable old people coming to visit their children.

The older I get, the more harmless I appear. I have always thought of myself as harmless, but I haven’t necessarily looked harmless. For our travel, I think I’ll have a bun and no make up, a flowery peasant blouse, and reading glasses over which I will peer at people as my grandmother did. I’ll tell all small children that they’re precious and chuck them under their chins. And knit a pink wooly thing.

That should prove how harmless I am.