DSCN4088 Today included some reviewing,  a trip to the bookstore, shopping for baking supplies, and then some intensive Christmas present knitting.

I’m worried about finishing in time. This is a note to myself that I really need to build knitting time into my schedule more aggressively.

I bought magazines at the bookstore, but no books. I have a Kindle full of books I need to review. As I wandered around the bookstore, irritated by the strangely repetitive music, I tried to recapture that Bookstore Feeling…

A steady supply of free books to review seems to have destroyed that. I’ve seen so many of the books before they get published that the surprise and wonder of new books… the possibility that there might be something amazing around the corner… that’s gone. It’s possible that some of the fun of reading is gone, too; I hear my own voice composing reviews as I read now.


My family might be happy. I probably like giving books more than they like getting them.

As I strolled through Target talking with #2 daughter, my eye was caught by holiday displays and goodies. I haven’t really been thinking about the holidays, but I think I’m ready now.

In any case, I completed the first sleeve of the sweater, and it looks great. I also browsed through the magazines choosing great recipes for Thanksgiving and for the Christmas buffet. Cranberry Cheesecake, Pear Frangipane Tart, and a stunning salad. Haven’t decided between pecan pie and a flourless chocolate torte, but I did clean the kitchen.

Time to move on to the second sleeve.