I missed the big Advent I service today because I was dropping a C note on breakfast at Mimi’s with my daughters and their boyfriends.

We really had a nice Thanksgiving, and it was worth missing church to get some more time with the girls. The boys left very early to go to their mountain fastness. I spent much of the day playing around in/with my planner.

The medieval Basque carol “Gabriel’s Message” was translated into English by Sabine Baring-Gould, whom you may know better as an expert on werewolves. It has been recorded by Charlotte Church, Sting, and Jars of Clay, among others.

Both Catholics and Protestants sing this, and it seems like a good choice for Advent, since it tells the story of the Angel Gabriel’s message to Mary that she would bear a son to God.

Children are a great joy, as my grandmother used to say, though Mary’s situation was unique. Presumably Jesus was a source of joy to her when he was a baby and a child.

There are a number of songs about Mary, and I plan to share some more in this, my annual musical Advent calendar.