orchid-rayon It has been a long week, but a good one. I got a lot of work finished and sent to the clients, we got paid for some work we’ve done, we made progress on some stalled projects. I worked late most evenings and started early, but I also spent some time knitting, singing, hanging with my husband and kids, walking the dog, working out, doing errands, and in the classroom (both my own and the Art Professor’s). A balanced week, unless you consider the complete lack of housework.

This weekend will have to include some housework. There just comes a point when it’s no longer optional.

There will also be some work, but I hope that there will be not-work as well. I have knitting and reading to do, and I have been thinking a lot about sewing. The truth? For the past few years I have thought about sewing much more than I have actually sewn things. I have a large stash of fabric and patterns, whole SWAPs full in fact, and yet my total output of finished objects for the decade so far is about three per year. 1467

Not only do I have lots of uncut fabric, but I also have multiple cut garments, some with some of the seams sewn. Pathetic, eh?

Here is what I should probably do:

  • Organize the sewing room after its long stint as a guest room.
  • Find, organize, and complete all half-finished projects.
  • Plan a stash-busting SWAP .
  • Cut and organize all the pieces for it.
  • Work on it every evening and weekend until I finish.

Alternatively, I can admit to myself that at this point in my life I can’t actually accomplish any sewing and will have to be satisfied with planning wardrobes which I never actually make.

There are probably worse hobbies.