hummingbird It’s been an all-work weekend… but is that really true?

I went to early service to change the paraments this morning, and saw some people I don’t usually see. I had lunch with a nice young designer yesterday and then had a glass of tea with #1 daughter. I had a meal or two and some TV with #1 son. I watched Desperate Housewives while doing hour after hour of production work. I did some slides over the phone with #2 daughter, which was quite pleasant. My husband translated many hilarious Lao karaoke songs for me.

My favorite was the handsome young man who was sad because his water buffalo was unemployed, now that the farmer had a tractor. Said tractor was filled with handsome young men, all shirtless, with moody expressions as they sang about the poor unemployed buffalo.

Still, I am going into the new week feeling overwhelmed. I can’t believe how much stuff did not get done this week, and how many hours it has taken me not to get it all done.