Tomorrow it will be one week since my oral surgery. I saw the dentist again yesterday and he assured me that I would not be in permanent pain for the rest of my life, which was good news. I have another appointment a week from tomorrow.

Dr. Google said not to exercise for at least a week, so I’m not. The website also said to remember that as long as I’m eating soft foods, I’m not on the nutritional high road, so I should expect to have less energy. Don’t push it, they said.

I’m sort of tired of all that, which I suppose is also good news.

This evening I’ll be giving a presentation. The dental tech told me it might be too soon — she said I would probably lisp for a couple of months. I think I’m doing okay. I guess I’ll find out.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have completed a couple of repeats of the lace for the Venus Prism carding, and I clearly have too many errors. I must frog it and start again. But should I start this pattern again, or should I do something easier? Something to think about.