Here’s the Alterknit Stitch Dictionary. This is not a stitch dictionary. Let’s be clear on that. A stitch dictionary shows you stitches, like stockinette or seed stitch, or old shale.

This is a collection of motifs, color work patterns, and such.

There are a few that will make classic looking all over patterns.

Some work like classic allover patterns but are not at all classic.

There are a lot of graphic designs, like the monkeys and hand prints below — lots of animals.

Lots and lots of animals.

I think there would be a good deal of charm in a classic yoked sweater with “Cake or Death” knitted in classic Fair Isle style.

“Cake or death!”

And more animals, but also robots and spaceships and whatnot.

There are instructions for figuring out which motifs will work with your knitting patterns, and a few — hat, mittens, yoked sweater, jacket — which you can copy directly. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but I find the book quite cool.

Ah, yes, cake or death, in case you don’t know where that comes from: