I’m starting with my AM routine:

  • Wake at 6:00 a.m. I’ve been sleeping later than this, so getting up on time today meant 6.5 hours of poor quality sleep, according to my Fitbit. But I did it.
  • Set intention and express gratitude I have a little journal for this.
  • Evacuate I am in the “rock on” category.
  • Weigh My weight is fine — just a few pounds over my college weight.
  • Brush teeth My favorite toothpaste has been discontinued and I am running out. I will need to find a new one.
  • Exercise 30 minutes of stepping with Wii Fit while watching the news.
  • Tea and headlines This is perfect.
  • Healthy whole-grain breakfast I choose between oatmeal with raisins and protein waffles.
  • Shower, wash face and hair (alternate days), use toner, serum, and moisturizer
  • Dress like a grown up My wardrobe project and stable weight mean success here.
  • Brew a second cup of tea and make up my face while it steeps

Then I start work.

This has been my a.m. routine for years, actually. Some bits tend to get overlookedI think I will fine tune this and come back with details.  Some of the things I will figure out: brands and products to use, how to step up my exercise, and age-appropriate hair and makeup. Perhaps my breakfast can be made more nutritious. Maybe the weekend can be colored in.

Maybe I’ll take up lemon water. It is a popular element in the illustrations.

Once my habits are updated, the ones that I have let slide solidified, the new ones settled, then I’ll move smoothly through my morning routine and start my workday prepared and content.