We went to the new Discovery Museum in the Next County yesterday. It was very fun.


There’s a bird tree climbing structure with interpretation on bird songs and birdwatching.


There’s an exhibit on circles that includes a compass, a lathe and a potter’s wheel, a Vietnamese basket boat, Yoruba dolls, and lots more cool stuff.


There’s a dinosaur exhibit.


There’s an area for exploring music, drama, and animation.


There’s a simple machines area that lets kids explore pullies, conveyor belts, pneumatic tubes, and more — all in the context of logistics and warehousing.


We also got to mix up drinking chocolate in the Hershey’s science lab. And let me tell you, this was not the only branding opportunity. I have never seen any museum so shamelessly promoting brands and products. The center of the museum is a replica of a Walmart store, and the General Mills logistics play area includes a Walmart truck cab. There is no area of the museum that isn’t obviously promoting some company, except the dinosaur section… and that’s just because there is no company in the supplier community that makes dinosaurs.

Even so, we had a lot of fun with the grandchildren, #1 daughter, #1 son, and our DIL and the Good ‘Ol Boy. We brought the children home and played while #1 son and DIL went climbing, and then they joined us for pizza.

Yes, pizza, and yes, I ate some. Actually, Since we had communion last week and will have it again this morning, this week has included several slight diversions from the Whole 30: rice at a restaurant, and while that is not one of the Evil 6, it is forbidden on the Whole 30, soy sauce in the restaurant and again when my husband put it on my fish one day, and then yesterday’s pizza. I knew the week could not be properly Whole 30 because it was bracketed by communion, so I went ahead and allowed those slips. I will, if I am properly doing the Whole 30, have to start again after church.

So why didn’t I just give up entirely and have sweet rolls and ice cream? I have to admit that I am seriously thinking of just continuing on as though nothing had happened. The Whole 30 guys are big on the elimination diet concept. They say (and I listened to their book while driving yesterday, so it’s quite clear in my mind) that it is only by abstaining from their version of the Evil 6 for an entire 30 days that you can be sure that it isn’t, say, milk proteins that is causing your allergies and that you wouldn’t feel much better if you didn’t eat rice.

I’m not convinced. I’m halfway through the Whole 30 — or would be if I hadn’t fallen off the wagon yesterday — and I am seeing no major changes at all. The authors say that sometimes people don’t see major changes until the very end. They say that if you don’t see major changes, you should continue and make it a Whole 45 or a Whole 60.

As I say, I’m not convinced.

In any case, pizza and conversation was followed by Apples to Apples. It was a very fun day.