I took Amy’s Knit to Flatter class last summer, and this year I watched her new class. I bought the associated book last year and made a very nice, well-fitting sweater. I bought several sweaters’ worth of yarn and spent quite a bit of time dithering over the pattern/ yarn matchmaking before I gave up grownup knitting to work on the Baby’s layette.

The baby will be along in just a couple of months, so I think I may be ready to get back to grownup knitting. My new appreciation for swatching and confidence in fitting a sweater properly may allow me to use the lovely Colorado wool/silk blend to make the V neck cardi in the Sweater Modifications class.

I shall finish up the current baby sweater first. Then on to swatching!

The class has a nice straightforward explanation of how to fit every section of the sweater, plus clear directions for mattress stitch and various other techniques I’m not perfect with.

It has made me want to watch the other class again.