DSCN4235 I woke with my husband at 2:40, spent some time getting back to sleep, and was awakened again at 5:30 by the gentle chirping of the Kindle. It offered me math problems — the payment for making it shut up so I could sleep a little more — but I turned it off and went to brush my teeth.

I ended up at the computer in my nightgown working before getting ready. Not right.

So, having written up a blog post, I got back on track. I weighed in, did 30 minutes of Wii Fit, cooked breakfast, dressed, fed the dog, made the bed, and got back to work properly.

Blogs, social media, analytics, emails, phone calls.

#1 daughter came over and we talked about the business. What we’re going to do differently this year, what we learned from last year, what business books say that’s relevant to our situation. Things are not terrible, actually. We definitely made some errors, and we had to step backwards, and I’m not happy about that. However, I am happy about how we’re going forward. We’re through much of the bad part and it hasn’t actually been that bad.

At that point, we set out; I went to the bank, #1 daughter went to her apartment to finish the end of year financials.


Analytics, emails, a first look at a new assignment, a call with #2 daughter, analysis for a new lead, discussion of it with #1 daughter.

I finished at 5:00 as I’m supposed to on Fridays, had leftovers for dinner, chatted with my husband, knitted.

An ordinary day. A good day.