On New Year's Day, I dealt with work issues, cleaned the kitchen, arranged my Debt Snowball plan and my budget, and started undressing the Christmas tree. Contrary to my plan, I answered my phone and emails.

But mostly I organized my yarn stash.

When I started this blog, I didn't have a stash. I bought what I needed for a project, knitted the project, and then started the next project.

But now I have quite a stash.

The first step in organizing your yarn stash is to find all of it. Then you sort it out into containers.

I put all the sweater's worth of yarn in the two big drawers at the bottom of the collection.

I can knit a dozen sweaters before I need to buy new yarn.

I've got worsted, sport, DK, and Aran to choose from. A lot of this yarn was bought at sales and some I had actually forgotten about.

I put the smaller quantities — socks, scarves, and such — into baskets by color.

I put my Telemark and sock yarns in bins under the window seat. The third bin has the yarns for the Baby's animal afghan.

This corner of the sewing room is now almost all yarn and knitting books.

I found my WIPs and sorted them, too.

I have two lovely sweaters — in addition to Ketch — and I look forward to working on them.

There were other WIPs. I went ahead and frogged one and added the yarn to my stash. It can be hard to do that, so I feel proud of that. It was the Nantucket Jacket, which I didn't like in the largest size — and I couldn't wear it now if I finished it. I may just start it over in a smaller size.

I found a couple of completed projects that I can no longer wear, too. I tried to frog one, but the seams stymied me. I'm trying Erin out as a cushion cover and will probably sew it up to make a pillow for the window seat.

I also finished up a couple of projects. I was proud of this, too — and glad to have the wardrobe additions.

The room is not completely tidy, but my stash is beautifully organized and I'm set for a grand year of knitting.