A few weeks ago I sent 1/4 t. of saliva to Ancestry.com, and yesterday I received the results of the DNA test.

There were no big surprises. 90% of my heritage is from the British Isles and France. I had a moment of excitement when I saw the Iberian Penninsula as a source, but when I zoomed in I quickly discovered that this was my family in Southern France, not some hitherto unknown Portuguese adventurer. Ditto for the “Europe West” contingent, who turned out to be French people from Alsace.

In other words, we’ve got French people, and folks from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. That’s 90% of my heritage.

The other 10%, the “low confidence” area, is where there are some surprises. 4% Scandinavian? I am not aware of any Scandinavians, but perhaps there were Vikings among the forebears of the Scottish people. Europe South? Well, that includes part of France, so it might well just be more French people. European Jews? We have always assumed that our ancestor Salome Motzig was Jewish, based only on her name.

Asia South, which is India and surrounding lands, is a surprise. I’m not aware of anyone from India in our family tree. This shows up in the 1700s, so it could have been a French person traveling — that’s when we have our guy from Guadeloupe.

Leaving town during the Revolution seems a sensible option. But this does give me a new area for research.

Ancestry also gave me more than 100 new hints based on people whose DNA tests shows that they were related to me. Again, this opens up new avenues for research. I contacted the closest person on the list and discovered that it was my uncle, my mother’s brother. This confirms the process, I suppose.

They also show lots of specific people from my tree. Does this confirm the relationships and show that my research heretofor is correct? Or are they just showing people from my tree who lived the regions where my DNA shows ancestral traces?

Some of the people who are shown as relatives have no trees at all, so it can’t be the case that the DNA data relies on the family trees in any way. I think I need to find out more about what the results mean.

It might have been interesting to discover that my previous research was wrong, but it’s better to have the confirmation. I hope I’ll be able to find the guy from India, though.

Coming back in 2021 to update…

Ancestry updated their estimate, actually. The new list looks a little bit different. Look more closely, though, and it stills just showing border areas of England and France. Oh, and Norway. We do have William the Conqueror on our family tree…