“Mary’s Song” by Sean Clive is another 21st century song about Mary, and in fact it is another Magnificat, because that’s pretty heady stuff and it deserves all the settings it has. However, the composer has added some narrative and it is unarguably a Christian pop song. This one is fun to sing and you could certainly sing it at other times of the year.

December was supposed to suddenly and magically be less stressful and I was supposed to be caught up, but I’m not. I have made errors and I am certainly still behind on work.

Nonetheless, I am being steadfast about nailing down my good habits. Here’s what I find amazing: without checklists or wearables or some kind of accountability system, I am capable of not doing all kinds of things that I would have sworn I always do. I mean, of course I drink enough water, wash my face and put on moisturizer, dress like a grownup, make my bed, floss my teeth – don’t I?

Frankly, no, I don’t.

Even with checklists and wearables, I’m not reaching 10,000 steps a day or eating clean every day. Taking a week off at Thanksgiving means I have obstacles to climb over again.

I know that I can do all these things, but I find it hard to believe that I don’t have all those things as settled habits by now.

Ah, well. I did put on a new pair of size 12 Levi’s today. I know that size 12 is not a small size, but it is also not a large size, it seems to me. In fact, it arrived in the mail and I took it out and thought, “Oh, that’s way too small!” But they are not even close-fitting.

I don’t have to worry about beginning to think I can stop being careful about what I eat, because I have Wii Fit to remind me every morning that I am still overweight. It’s getting less reliable, though. Today it told me that I had lost 6 lbs overnight (not true) and a couple of weeks ago it decided that I had reached my goal weight (also not true). It told me I was normal, and the Mii did a little wiggly dance, so I know now what it will be like when I actually do reach my goal weight… at least from the point of view of Wii Fit. The next day, of course, it informed me that I had gained quite a bit of weight overnight, and my graph is messed up.

But being comfortable in new jeans in an average size is a milestone.