In the course of cleaning out the room #2 was staying in, I came upon a huge bin filled with clothing. Said clothing included 50 T shirts, so I cut them up for a T shirt quilt. I made one for #1 son a couple of years ago and it was quite successful, so I figure it’s time to make another.


I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, so it was a perfect opportunity to sit slothfully watching Netflix and cutting up T shirts.

I cut the designs from the fronts — and occasionally the backs — of the shirts. Many of these shirts have design areas of 12″ or even 14″. Some of the shirts belonged to #2 daughter, though, and they have design areas no larger than 10″.

I could make a twin bed quilt of 32 10″ blocks or a full size quilt of 49 blocks, using both his and her shirts, but cutting his down even when that means losing parts of the designs.

I could use different sizes of designs and put them together higgledy piggledy jigsaw puzzle style, ending up with who knows what size quilt.

I could sort them into his and hers, making a quilt for each of them, using sashing and piecing to make the quilts large enough without enough blocks.

I will think about all these possibilities, but in the meantime, there is just a nice neat stack of T shirt squares and a garbage sack full of cotton knit scraps. The rest of the clothes will be going to charity. The sewing room still looks tidy.

I’m still not feeling any too clever, so I think I will lie about reading and/or hemming, leaving deep thoughts for some other occasion.