Still without my Fitbit to record it, I went on another urban hike today, for another three hours… with a break for an apple tart and a big cup of Earl Grey.

I went to Barnes & Noble. There I found a kit that included a crochet hook so I can finish the Basque Pull, the remaining souvenirs for my family, tea since I am about to run out of what I brought on this trip, and a couple of paperback novels.

The novels were a bit of a declaration of independence. I usually have so many to review that I don’t feel able to choose my own. But now that I am no longer in Vine, I have my pick. I was about to pick up the new Leslie Meier when I remembered NetGalley. I’m seriously behind there, but I cam home and donwloaded the Meier novel that I had passed by plus a forthcoming one, and another 14 cozy mystery novels from my pre-approved list.

I quickly wrote three reviews. I’ll do three a day and get caught up and keep that source of free books, at least. I’m used to getting so many things for free I’m afraid that I’ll feel a pinch. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have bought myself an embroidery machine or a robotic vacuum, but I don’t usually buy shampoo or skincare products or cables or cleaning supplies or…

Anyway, I enjoyed buying the books — Janet Evanovich and M.C. Beaton, two favorites of mine — as well as the apple tart. I strolled most of the way back to the apartment, puffing like a grampus up the final fiendish hill, took the dog for her walk, and then settled in to a solid day of knitting and reading that new Meier novel.

Tomorrow Craftsy is streaming all classes for free, so I will certainly be taking the day off and knitting some more.

So I am still enjoying the pleasures of free stuff. I’m also enjoying the complete irresponsibility involved in being in someone else’s home. No one wants anything from me, so I can loll about as much as I like.

Apart from work, of course, but tomorrow is Labor Day, so I feel fine about taking a three day weekend.