DSCN3691 Back from vacation, having slept in my own bed, I actually have to work a bit today. I also have to clean house and buy groceries, since my husband apparently camped out with the dogs the whole time we were gone. However, the next makeover in the Weekend Makeover book is the Closet Makeover, and I think I need that. I get back to teaching this coming week, so I need to be able to dress properly — and I should anyway.

Friday night for this particular makeover was supposed to be time for a healthy dinner and mental preparation. Saturday is for sorting all the clothes in the closet into keep-toss-give piles. Sunday is for cleaning and organizing the closet.

I’ve just spent a week largely in a car. I walked miles every day, slept on the floor, and spent downtime sitting on the floor playing games. At some points during the week, I felt pretty sore.

There will definitely need to be some time with the Daily Burn Mobility class today. DSCN3696

I’ve also been eating fast food, excessively rich food, and sometimes weird food, not to mention drinking beer. This week has been a festival of the Evil 6. I’m going to restock the fridge with fresh produce, chicken, and fish. Eggs, nuts, beans. I have brown rice and quinoa. That’s about it.

I’ll set up the blogs for tomorrow and clean out my closet, do laundry, and possibly relax a little. The coming week will see changes in my schedule and in how we conduct the business, so it makes sense to let my return from vacation be a jump start in preparation for the changes.

It was definitely a fun vacation — at least for me. #1 daughter said she was too stressed to enjoy it much, and of course #2 son is the one making really big changes, but I enjoyed our sightseeing and I am happy to have a clear mental picture of where #2 son lives now.

“I came here for college,” one of our waiters told us when #2 son mentioned that he was there for school, “and never left.” Students do that. We didn’t see #2 son much when he was in college just a few hours away, and now we may see him even less. I’m glad we were able to spend some time helping him get settled in.