I’ve finished the second sleeve of the Newport Classic Turtleneck.

Are the sleeves enough alike? The one on the right was made with a variety of different needles. I kept changing my mind, and also the needles turned out to be different sizes.

According to my needle sizer, these needles are sizes 4, 5, 6, and 7. How did I use four different sizes of needles to make this sweater? I don’t know . The sleeve on the left was done on four size 3 dpns.

And then I started the collar. It is not a turtleneck, actually. In fact, the pattern has us do a collar exactly the same as the sleeve cuffs: 2×3 ribbing for five inches.

One of the Craftsy — rather, Bluprint — teachers said that architects don’t build a building, see how it goes, and then tear it down or finish it up depending how it turns out. Knitters do that all the time. But we shouldn’t. Still, I don’t know how the collar of this sweater might turn out. The projects at Ravelry all look different, and the pattern doesn’t specify exactly how many stitches to use.

Here’s the illustration from the book. The collar here covers the collarbone. Not a turtleneck, but a nice high collar. I like it and I hope mine turns out like this.