My duplicate stitch rakers don’t look that bad. But there is a serious flaw that I noticed last weekend: they don’t meet in the middle of the diamond. Therefore, they must be taken out and redone. I haven’t had the heart to do that yet, but today is the day.

I have some actual work to do. I’ve done some more with the kitchen cabinets and must finish the week’s assignments with the pantry. I am enjoying the clean and tidy kitchen.

The peninsula had become a catch-all of mail, recycling, and all sorts of stuff, but now it is a cheery coffee and tea area plus a clean, clear bar.

The coffee machine is clean and descaled.

The silverware drawer is tidy.

I’m sure I’ll gain equal satisfaction from the pantry clean out, but the main task of the day must be to conquer the argyle rakers. Sounds like a sports team, right?