With a lingering cough and a bunch of meetings coming up this week, I spent a day mostly on the sofa. I took an outdoor walk first, but then I settled in with Netflix and my knitting.

I spent the first hour of my knitting time correcting an error ten rows down. I don’t think it’s visible now. Or perhaps the general unevenness and imperfection keeps it from standing out.

I got halfway through the third full set of diamonds and then make a proper dinner for the first time in at least a week. I haven’t been keeping track so I don’t know how long precisely. This dinner doesn’t have a half plate full of veg, but at least there’s lean protein (chicken with lime, honey, and garlic) and a carrot.

I made chocolate mousse, too. It took about 20 minutes and turned out perfectly. If I can make fruit mousse as well, I’m halfway to being able to make fancy pastries, which I have long wanted to be able to do.

I cleaned up the kitchen as well, but that’s about it.

Unlike mousse, argyle knitting is just as hard as you’d think it is. I was doing the outside rakers knitted in, and I’m not sure why. I got it in my mind that the inner ones should be done in duplicate stitch but the outside ones knitted in. That makes no sense. I’ll do the rest — and tidy up the current ones — in duplicate stitch at the end.

The inside’s looking relatively neat, at least. I’ll have lots of ends to work in,

I’ll be using this pattern for the Baby’s Christmas sweater, making it in Noro Silk Garden. I may swatch that tonight; I need a zombie project to go with my epic argyle.

The argyle pattern I’m working is actually pretty simple as argyles go, and it’s not socks, so there’s an advantage right there.

And it’s been a nice, rainy day. I’ve been watching the Great British Baking Show (I might have the name wrong) and Hinterland, both of which are filled with the baaing of sheep. And suspense. One features mousse and cakes, the other blood and tortured British people… Wait. Both involve tortured British people. They’re just tortured by different things.

Either way, I’ve been able to relate. I’ve been tortured by my argyle. If you decide to do some argyle knitting, be sure to count every row. And use short lengths of yarn.

I think I’ll have a hot bath with Perlier honey bath oil followed by a nice cup of tea. Then on to further argyle. I could finish the third row of diamonds tonight.