My shipment from KnitPicks arrived today. This is the yarn for #2 son’s Christmas sweater, Erika Knight’s argyle vest.

Those colors at the top are Caviar, Shoal, and Wine for the rakers — the narrow lines crisscrossing the diamonds.

They look beautiful together, don’t they?

That’s three skeins. There are also six skeins of the main color in the shipment.

That’s Thicket, a color which looked like a complex gray on my monitor. In person, it is distinctly olive. The gray and blue vest with a sprightly pop of wine is not going to come together with olive yarn.

I immediately went and ordered Caviar as the main color. I guess the diamonds will all be Shoal blue, as there is no other shade of gray in this yarn. The rakers will still be Wine. The day is saved.

As for the cost, I will not think about it. That’s all. Someone will enjoy an olive sweater some day.

Tonight is swatching time. Netflix and needles.