#1 son was asking about the ashes today. He grew up having the imposition of ashes done every Ash Wednesday and choosing a Lenten sacrifice each year, so it wasn’t the basics of the ritual he was asking about. He was wondering about the ashes themselves.

I thought about humility, about the minor humiliation of walking around with ashes on your face all day — mitigated by the fact that our church does it in the evening — and how it focuses your mind on the season of Lent.

Then, during the imposition of the ashes, the pastor murmured, “Remember, from dust you came and to dust you will return.” I can’t believe I forgot that. It is of course a memento mori, a reminder of our mortality.

I lost another pound on Balance, and am giving up sweets for Lent, so I think I’m back on track there. I need to stop complaining about having too much work — it doesn’t demonstrate my gratitude to God for the way our business is on track toward our goals. I also need to quit putting my husband on a back burner.

Some bits from choir:

  • Director: “Look up and I’ll give you that entrance.” Rogue tenor: “You could just text us.”
  • Director: “No, no! You can’t just do what you want!” Alto: “We’re not. You’re just reminding us not to give in to temptation, right?” Director: “Well, it is the season.”
  • Director: “You’re just a pedal note here.” Soprano: extended sotto voce muttering Alto: “She doesn’t like to be called a pedal note.”