Auntie Mame Auntie Mame: an irreverent escapadePatrick Dennis; Broadway Books 2001

I started the day with blogging and social media posting, moved on to my class in the Next County, and then moved on to TechFest.

There were no significant technical difficulties with my presentation, and I had a chance to say hello to several people I rarely see, which was nice.

I went on to a session with a guy I did a little project with a while back. He shared his experiences in the course of bootstrapping a tech company. He told us that it’s feast or famine, and often you pay the guys and then live on credit cards for a month, how important it is to keep everyone happy and productive (through a frat house atmosphere, apparently), how customers never pay on time, and how it’s a matter of doing the right thing and enjoying the excitement.

I found this bracing.

I came home and finished work, skipped the party, registered for my hotel for the Tampa conference, and am about to take to my bed with Auntie Mame.

This is an American classic, no doubt.