Stephen Colbert and Audra McDonald sang “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on The Colbert Report tonight. They did a wonderful job — and of course McDonald is always wonderful — but I think this version is fun, too.

Most recordings of this song creep me out. So often it’s an older guy singing with a younger woman, and it just sounds like an unwilling woman being forced into something she knows is a bad idea.

That’s the kind of thing people used to think was sexy and funny, suppose. Frank Loesser wrote it with Christmas in mind, and performed it with his wife at parties to hint that it was time for guests to leave. This proves that doing things with sufficient style lets you get away with them.

That’s basically why I liked the song when McDonald did it. Also, she was so obviously a match for Colbert that the whole predatory undertone was gone.

I still have three blog posts to write tonight and let’s not even think about my deadlines. Choir is hopeless. Back to work, then to bed.

And it is really cold outside, too.