The Baby and I hung out while #1 daughter and the Good Ol’ Boy went on a float trip with his brothers and some friends.

We started out having a lot of fun. We played ball — a new game I taught the Baby. I bought her a ball at the zoo, and we had big fun rolling it back and forth to each other.

We read stories, too. We sang songs, or I sang them and the Baby grinned. We played baby games of various kinds. We had meals and changed diapers and the baby even took a couple of solid naps while I read Three Men on the Bummel.

It was a relaxing day, obviously.

Ah la fraise is ready for its collar, but I am not ready. The instructions are in French, and I can’t understand them well enough to follow them. It’s just a collar of leaves, so I made a leaf from a different (English language) pattern, but it didn’t immediately translate itself into a collar.

Here are the instructions:

Avec les aig 3.5 et le col. Mousson, monter 3 m, tric 2 reg de jersey, puis tric 1 m, faire 1 augmentation intercalaire–

Thus far it is simple. With the needles and yarn as specified, cast on 3 stitches, work 2 rows stockinette and then knit 1 stitch, increase 1 intercalary —

Here’s where things get confusing for me. And then knit 1 stitch where? Turn and start another row with it? Intercalary, in case you were wondering, means inserted, as a leap day is inserted into the calendar.

This does not immediately tell me how to knit the thing. let’s imagine this means “make one.”

Okay, there is more.

–1 m, 1 augm int, 1 m=5 m.

That would suggest that we knit the next row with two m 1, which should result in 5 stitches.

Continuer ces augms de chaque cote de la m centrale tous les 2 rg jusqu’a obtenir 13 m. Tric 2 rg.

We continue on in this way on both sides of the center stitch, every other row, till we have 13 stitches. We knit two rows. I hope the both sides part becomes clear while I knit.

We then begin the decreases.

Tric 5 m, 1 surjet double a maille centrale (=glisser 2 m comme pour les tric ens a l’end, tric la m suivante a l’end et rab les m glissees sur la m tricotee), tric les 5 m restantes= 11 m.

Google says this translates to “Tric 5 sts, 1 double-sided double seam (= slip 2 sts as for the tricas at the end, knit the next st at the end and bind the sts on the knitted sts), knit the remaining 5 sts = 11 m.”

“Surjet double” actually means sl1 k2tog psso. So it’s knit 5, sl1k2tog psso at the center stitch, knit the remaining 5 stitches. If I end up with 11 stitches I guess it’s right. Is the bind off (rab) part the psso? Or should it be slip 2 k1 psso?

“Tric le rg env” should be “Knit the row back” and then we have “puis tric 4 m, 1 sdble a m c, 4 m =9 m. Puis au rg suivant tric 2 m ens au debut du rg = (8 m par feuille). Tric 6 feuilles – 48 m Place ces feuilles a la suite sur un aig.”

I can’t find “sdble” but we need to knit 4, sdble at the center stitch, and make a total of 6 leaves and put them all on a needle. We should have 9 stitches, so that must be a decrease of some kind.

Knit around the neckline, then knit on the leaves and bind off.