The Baby and #1 daughter’s dogs are spending the weekend with me. The Baby slept for eight hours last night. She eats well, takes her bottle without complaint, plays nicely, and doesn’t fuss over diaper changes.

I worry that she’s cold, frankly. I guess this is what grandmothers are supposed to do.

I brought her into bed with me when she woke up for her midnight snack, just for a few minutes before I put her back down. Bisi came in and walked on her. Bisis is a small cat, maybe 6 pounds’ worth, and she feels free to walk on people.

The Baby was astounded.

She has never been stepped on before, I think. She has no cats at her house. She was fascinated by this, grinning from ear to ear and swiveling her head to find the cat.

Then she went back to sleep. She is a little angel child.

She’s down for a nap right now, so I think I will take the opportunity to tidy up a bit.