I’m back from a wonderful weekend with Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View.

It was a lot of fun. I met a lot of very interesting women. I learned some cool stuff about Ozarks folk ways (and I knew a lot already, having worked at a Museum of Ozark History a while back). I also lugged home a lot of stuff.

This conference was amazing for swag. #1 son just came home from the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show with shoes and a backpack and I forget whatall else, and I’ve been to plenty of conferences where we needed extra bags to get all the books home, but I currently have an astonishing collection of Zip-Lock containers (including the new VersaGlass ones, which I really love), household cleaners, books, toys, and stuff.

Also, cowboy boots. Country Outfitters gave boots to all of us. Above, you can see the boots in use during the jigging lessons, and at right you can see them at rest. Either way, they’re very snazzy. I’ll share a picture of mine after work.

We stayed in the cabins at the state park and park interpreters sang to us, told us stories, showed us how to make stuff, introduced us to their sheep, and even drove us around when we were too tired or geographically confused to walk to our destinations.

The Folk Center is definitely worth a visit. I’ll be sharing more about that, too. This is just the quick braindump.

It is also time to begin the HGP, which has been helping me “celebrate clean and serene” for many years now. However, it’s also time to get dressed and get to class, so that’s another thing I’ll have to come back to. More anon.