We’re singing this for Christmas, calloo callay! We started back to choir last night with a small attendance. Four alti, three soprani, and two bassi. I think that was all.

We sang anyway, and I realized that I haven’t been singing much this summer. I haven’t been in church much this summer. I haven’t been in town much, at least on the weekends.

I’m not teaching this year, but I can’t escape that Back to School feeling, the change in schedules, the feeling that Life is real, life is earnest once again. The end of capri pants and Mai Tais on the lanai.

Not that I’ve actually had any Mai Tais.

But I’m back to weeks full of meetings and events. Choir practice, Worship Committee meetings, meetups, the church retreat, conference calls, calls with clients and with my Googler.

Tonight’s meetup was composed of just three. Three introverts. One said she found most of her gigs through networking. She had started by hating it, she said, but had gotten more comfortable over time. The other said he’d rather drink paint thinner, or words to that effect.

I still feel like we should do more networking. We don’t have trouble finding work. But we are trying to focus more narrowly and to find clients of the right kind. Networking would probably be beneficial for us.

I’m much better with all the meetings and events than I used to be, though not quite better enough to welcome them all back. I’m more inclined to look at the return to the fall schedule as a lack of time for knitting and quilting. I’m working on thinking of it as excitement instead. Our coach says mindset is just as important as action.

Working on that.