La Bella and I went back to choir tonight. It was the first rehearsal of the season. The Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe began this week and the Holiday Grand Plan is just a couple of weeks out. I’m even going to sign up for some Olli stuff.

We got a box of my mother’s novels, which have been reissued. We’re using them for Family Book Club.

The Little Boy started Middle School, so he needs a new nickname. The Little Girl has two younger girl cousins, so I guess she needs a new nickname, too. The Baby is no longer the youngest baby. Clearly, I need new nicknames for all the children.

But Back to School is exciting, even if the nicknames need a bump.

My presentation last night went well, even though the group was quite small. The site we launched last week is a beauty, even though they’re asking for a lot of changes. We have a sales meeting on Monday with a client who would be an excellent choice for us.

Here we go!