This was my first full day back at work, albeit I did 16 hours total after getting home. Today, however, I was accepting mail, returning calls, reading emails, and all. So I got a lot done and we have a bunch if interesting projects coming up.

Meanwhile, the photo above shows Adiri, three skeins in. Nice, eh?

I started the day writing, and then headed off to a meeting. It was interesting and I think I was able to be helpful. I have to get a price quote together for them. Then I had some phone calls, more writing, and a meeting with #1 daughter. She’s feeling stressed. But we got plans in place for all the proposals we need to do, and then I got back to writing.

My dad called me after that. His sister came to visit him while I was gone and they looked at nursing homes. He said that he didn’t like any of the ones that he could afford. I was sympathetic. “None of them would work for you?” I asked. He told me that one was 33 miles away.

“I can’t drive back and forth every day!” he said. I suggested that since he would live there, he didn’t really have to commute. He said they didn’t think he was qualified to work there. I suggested that these were places to live, not places to work. “Six of one and half a dozen of the other,” he snapped.

More writing. Then a client came by, bringing plants and seeds for me and the Art Professor. We had a chat, and then I wrote some more. Then my husband made dinner, and we ate, and now I’m writing again, though I may be through working.

Adiri is calling my name.