Things got hectic there. We left for KC last Wednesday (see above, the turquoise day when we were mostly in meetings and the car) and got back Sunday night. Since then I have been madly trying to catch up.


We had a good time in KC, mostly standing in front of an audience (me) and/or sitting in the audience. There were actually a couple of times when I felt really tired. Tired, even, of climbing stairs and walking in the heat. And yet I never managed more than 33 Very Active minutes, and much less on most of those days.


I didn’t keep track of meals (very tasty) or work times. We walked on the Plaza, ate Belgian waffles, went to the Half Price Bookstore, had a fun dinner at Buca de Beppo (or however that’s spelled), shopped at l’Occitane and Anthropologie and Kate Spade and Urban Outfitters, drank summery cocktails at Tomfoolery, carried electronic equipment around, and spent some time in bars. I met some people whose company I enjoyed, too.

#1 daughter says the awkwardness level at these affairs is always high enough that people who are usually socially awkward seem quite normal. I’m not socially awkward, I don’t think, so I suppose I become amazingly charming.

Seriously, I think that hanging out with a bunch of tech guys means that I’m likely to find people I find interesting. I also have that experience among academics and musicians, but not always at more evenly populated things. I also don’t mingle. If I find someone interesting, I stay and talk to them.

Which is mostly what I did.

#2 daughter and #2 son are both coming here this weekend, so I will have to find some time for cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping in here somewhere. Soon.