I’m pretty well on target with my SWAP. In everything else, I have backslidden badly. I get up and start working in my nightgown without having exercised or even taken an allergy pill. I skip housework for sewing. I haven’t followed my skin care regimen or put on make up on a regular basis and I have been wearing the same tattered jeans and shabby shirt for a solid week, with my hair in a pony tail, unless I actually have a meeting with someone. My bed has gone unmade at least two thirds of the time, and let’s not even talk about eating right.

I will try again, because what else am I going to do? I can’t simply devolve into a schlub, can I? It is clear that this is my natural inclination, but I must fight against it.

The SWAP is going well. It’s still too cold to wear this spring wardrobe, so I’m right on time, and I should actually get a good bit of wear out of the jacket before warm weather sets in, unless things change suddenly, which could also happen.

Spring SWAP 2014 progress:

  1. orchid jacket — cut and sewn
  2. orchid skirt — not yet cut
  3. violet top — cut and sewn
  4. green top– cut and sewn
  5. blue top — cut and sewn
  6. Sorbetto top — not yet cut
  7. orchid print skirt — cut and sewn
  8. orchid print top — cut and sewn
  9. sand pants — cut and sewn
  10. sand skirt — cut and sewn

I have two more planned pieces to make, but the basic rules for a SWAP say 4 bottoms, 6 tops, 1 jacket. To reach this 11 piece accomplishment, I’ll need one more top. I really wanted one in Hemlock Green, but I haven’t been able to find any fabric in that color.

True my initial plan, which completely followed all the SWAP rules, has changed quite a bit. It didn’t include orchid colored wool, for example, and it did include the jacket/skirt/pants in the neutral color though the skirt/pants in the fashion color were going to be in a second neutral because no way would I wear orchid-colored pants. I was going to use just two patterns. The tailoring class and orchid herringbone wool put paid to that. I tossed out the gray and made Sand the neutral to go with the Orchid fashion color.

So I may be a top short, unless I find a suitable fabric. In any case, I plan to complete my SWAP in a sewing marathon this weekend. There is a sew-along I want to join beginning on April 1st. Plus, I have a Summer Top plan, so I think I will have plenty of tops.